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Young people are already turning that dream into reality across the globe. The Restoration Stewards program works with youth-led restoration projects to build a global restoration movement, mobilize local communities and create pathways to connect, share, learn and act for livelihoods and landscapes.

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The Restoration Stewards program is a youth program rooted in care, landscape leadership, diversity, intersectionality and intergenerational equity. Launched in 2020 by the Global Landscapes Forum and the Youth in Landscapes Initiative, it aims to support the efforts of youth-led teams in holistically restoring their landscapes and seascapes while nurturing  biocultural diversity.

The program has  four main pillars: funding, learning opportunities, mentorship in collaboration with leading environmental organizations, and spotlighting at global events throughout the year. Restoration Stewards and their teams are supported for one year to further develop their vision, deepen their impact and become  ambassadors for restoration at global and local levels. 


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Celebrated and recognized by prominent publications, the Restoration Stewards program has been featured in the media, highlighting their youth-led transformative initiatives.


Eirini Sakellari, GLF Youth Coordinator

Anna Bucci, Community & Action Manager

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