Light On A Hill is a youth-led community-based organization that focuses on environmental conservation and education. The organization runs programs on climate education, community awareness, and youth mentorship which are complimented by collaborative conservation efforts focused on forest conservation and afforestation, plastic re-use for drip irrigation, community clean-ups, and conservation advocacy.

The organization has planted 737 trees (in collaboration with local farmers and schools), established two tree nurseries that house 1700 tree seedlings, held two community clean-up events to raise environmental awareness, and conducted one exchange visit for child mentees.

Light on a Hill collaborates with the local communities and schools on restoration and education initiatives to combat the impacts of land degradation. Central to the LOAH approach is the buy-in of the local community, which is integral to long term success and impact of the programme, as is nurturing and mentoring the next generation of students. By shaping the world view of young members of the community, the LOAH programme aims to build a grass roots green movement, fostering stewardship and appreciation for the natural world.

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