Restoring Mama Earth: One tree at a time


If anyone is randomly asked what a forest is, the first thing that comes to mind is trees. As a forest Restoration Steward, one of my key focuses is to restore our community’s tree cover, which has greatly diminished over the years.

Kandi at Loah’s Tree Nursery
Group photo of kids and Ian-Loah’s peer educator.
Ryan, Samwel and Tedwin transport the tree seedlings to the school forest.

This November bore many gifts, the greatest being the rains that we’ve been praying for as a community and nation. This meant we could now plant trees with the hope of growth, unlike during the drought, when hardly any could survive due to the scorching sun and limited water supply to nurture and sustain the trees.

Lucky and Kandi pose for a happy photo.

There has been a huge wave of greening across the community. We have seen many households buying and planting trees in a bid to restore our local environment and nature.

Hydah and Favour happily planting their tree.

To help restore biodiversity, we are also very keen to diversify the trees we plant. We are also planting flowers as we are hoping to start beekeeping in the community.

Kindergarten kids, Kandi and Ken, happy photo before planting sunflower seeds in the forest.

With one intentional hand and mind at a time, and planting and growing one tree at a time, there is hope for our planet to heal 🙂

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