World Environment Day with the team: A tree-planting project tour of the Cerro Tecana forest


Cerro Tecana is a deciduous forest part of a biological corridor of hills that surrounds the city of Santa Ana, in El Salvador. For many years, it has been affected by forest fires and degradation caused by agricultural activities and urbanization. To combat this scenario, the organization Un Pulmón Más was founded, by a group of young people from Santa Ana who have worked in environmental education, ecological tours, cleanups, and reforestation campaigns.

A day in the field – Building community through reforestation

This video footage,  mentions the activities we are carrying out as part of the Suma Un Bosque tree planting project that started in  April 2022. All these are made possible due to the funding, training, and mentorship support provided by the  Global Landscape Forum and Youth In Landscape Initiative. Thanks to the Restoration Stewards program.

World Environment Day

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