Discovering the biodiversity of El Salvador: What are we trying to protect?

Cerro Tecana belongs to a chain of hills surrounding the city of Santa Ana in El Salvador. This biological corridor connects natural areas with similar characteristics. Inhabitants of Santa Ana have noticed that the hill seems to lose its vegetation during the summer. However, this phenomenon is characteristic of a dry deciduous forest, where trees drop their leaves due to lack of water.

Cerro Tecana has abundant biodiversity. Its vegetation, typical of this type of forest, is home to diverse birds, mammals, and arthropods, among other species that fulfill essential functions in this ecosystem. Without the key vegetation, healthy soil, water resources, and more elements, it would not be possible to guarantee their survival.

Good forest management provides these species with the conditions to fulfill their life cycles and achieve a sustainable environment. With our project, for example, we protect the wildflower fields. These are home to various pollinators that help the community’s crops thrive. 

As environmental leaders, our actions to protect, conserve and restore the Cerro Tecana forest are possible thanks to the hard work of the volunteers and institutions that support our initiatives. In the face of the global climate crisis and to guarantee a better future, we propose nature-based solutions, adding forests in our region. 

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