Our Fellow Women!

29 November 2021
Grace Easteria

After selecting our women fellows, we were beyond excited to learn together about Mr and Mrs Coral!  We discussed their importance in protecting our seas – and their vulnerability to climate change. The women were excited, and asked us a lot of questions about how climate change happens. At first it was challenging to teach them about coral and climate change, due to their different ages and backgrounds. Some of them are high schoolers, while others are  vocational school students whose schools exclusively provide education related to their selected vocation, such as technology, hospitality, and culinary majors. Other fellows are much older working women. As such, the level of awareness on natural ecosystems also varies between each fellow. Although it took a bit of time to carefully educate the women, they all understood the material very well in the end. We were elated to be a part of their growth as coral protectors of Bali!


Grace Easteria

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Supporting partners 2023

Supporting partners

The Restoration Stewards program provides funding, mentorship and training to deepen the impact of youth-led restoration projects. The year-long program is run by the Youth in Landscapes Initiative (YIL) and the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) under the banner of Generation Restoration to support and highlight the work of eight young restoration practitioners and their teams in 2023.

During the program, the Restoration Stewards and their teams are  supported to further develop their project and serve as ambassadors at both global and local levels. Globally, the Restoration Stewards share their journeys in a series of vlogs and blogs documenting their stories of inspiration and challenges and participate in different international events to showcase their work. Locally, they are sparking a restoration movement, mobilizing local communities and creating pathways to connect, share, learn, and act for livelihoods and landscapes.