Reconnecting youth with their local ecosystems


Local communities hold the keys to successful conservation and restoration as they are the ones who face the impacts of degraded ecosystems and reap the direct benefits of healthy ones. Youth is the future of conservation and restoration works, and it’s crucial to empower them to help manage their local ecosystems, including working with communities. 

Figure 1. Mega our volunteer currently interviewing the plants nursery owner

Our organization, Himba Raya Indonesia (HIRAI), is keen to involve youth  in building a healthier future for our peatlands. HIRAI works with youth in Palangkaraya, the city in Central Kalimantan where our project area is located, to learn to engage with stakeholders, farmers, local communities, and government agencies, as well as visiting the field to plant trees and visit our project area.  

Figure 2. The volunteers are receiving information about the area before restoration activity

Even though the youth we work with live less than an hour from our project area or other nearby peatlands in Central Kalimantan, most of them had never visited a forest before nor taken part in restoration activities. As such, we’re working to develop activities to engage more youth and reconnect them with the peatlands in their own backyards. 

We’re pleased to show you their excitement in this video!

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