Greening the Blue

I am Levis Sirikwa, a marine ecologist, from Ceriops Environmental Research Organization, based in Kenya. I actively restore degraded mangroves in Kenya, through an initiative called greening the blue, using “Mikoko na Jamii” mangrove restoration model.
Greening the blue simply means planting mangrove trees as a means to restore the degraded mangrove ecosystems. Scientific studies have shown that the rate of mangrove degradation in Kenya was at 5% per annum in 2018. The need to mobilize the communities living adjacent to the mangrove ecosystems in Mombasa and Kwale inspired Levis Sirikwa, and Derrick Muyodi to form Ceriops Environmental Research Organization with the prime purpose of inspiring the community and young souls to actively restore the degraded ecosystems in 2018!

Mikoko na Jamii mangrove restoration model
As a means to support the local initiatives, we developed “Mikoko na Jamii” mangrove restoration model. “Mikoko” simply means mangroves, and “Jamii” means community. The prime purpose of the model is not only to integrate scientific knowledge and indigenous knowledges in mangrove restoration, and conservation but also to position the community at the center of active mangrove restoration.

One of the major plans for Ceriops this year is to establish a sustainable program (mangrove bee keeping) as a means to sustain community-led mangrove conservation initiatives.

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